1998 – Got an old computer as a gift, fixed/ran it found out the prompt was MS-DOS.
1998 – Google. Started researching about how to build software for that old box.
1999 – Discovered Batch Programming,QBasic & Geocities World.
2000 – Did those blinks, scrolls, gifs, guest books and html embeds with HTML/CSS / Javascript
2001 – Started generating web pages in Qbasic, later found PHP / MySQL / SQLite / XML / RSS
2002 – Developed website and console software for high school student group
2003 – Developed small games, Pacman, Nokia ringtone maker etc
2004 – Started developing websites on Open Source CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
2005 – Enrolled in Computer Engineering classes. First year courses: C / C++
2006 – VC6++, VB6, C#.Net / MsSQL / Access – developed Library Management Software
2007 – OpenGL, OpenAL, 8051 uC Programming in ASM, C/Keil, ASM 8086
2007 – Prototype Line Tracking Robots, lead the team that won National Robotics Competition.
2008 – Studies about computer network, OS, DBMS, AI, Data Structures & Algorithms etc
2009 – MVC(CodeIgniter, Symfony), Cross browser JS/CSS, jQuery, table-less layouts.
2010 – jQuery UI, Ajax, eCommerce (OpenCart, OSCommerce, Paypal) & Git SCM
2011 – Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, MongoDB & Express, REST APIs
2012 – Native android with JAVA. REST APIs development.
2013 – More LAMP stack. More MEAN stack.
2014 – Laravel, JS MVC Frameworks (Angular/Backbone)
2015 – Independent Consultant in SF Bay Area.
2016 – Back to School.

With my team at Semicolon, the company I co-founded on 2008, I built popular products like Online Baghchal (baghchal.net), AppsJhola (appsjhola.com), CAMSEdu, Gharbeti.com etc and during this 11+ years of professional journey I’ve brought many businesses to internet for the first time (100+), build apps for numerous organizations (20+), trained 1000+ students to get started in Android development working closely with Google Inc & its DevRel team, also directly taught and mentored 100+ students on the tech journey from Semicolon Academy.

I believe the future lies in IoT, VR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and automation. Besides web and apps I’m even more excited about career on gaming, robotics and home automation etc

**Interested Industries**

– Gaming 2D/3D or VR
– Two Sided Marketplaces, Crowdfunding
– Robotics, IoT, Agritech, Home Automation
– Big Data Analytics & BI
– Web/App Security

CURRENT UPDATE: Here’s what I’m doing now.
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