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Happy New Year 2080

As we gear up for the New Year 2080 BS, I have set several resolutions. The last time I sat down to write a New Year’s resolution was in 2069 BS. 10 years went by so soon. Many things have changed. Thanks to God that the days with 16 hours of power outages in Nepal are gone. With stable electricity, I can now sit down to work whenever I want.  I got married and have two amazing children, aged 10 and 8. I sold Semicolon, migrated to the USA, and lived and worked there for nearly 3 years, recently co-founded Berkeley Computer with a vision to innovate in the K-12 education space. My plans for the further study didn’t come to fruition as I had to focus more on work.

After 10 years on New Year’s Day today as I sit down to summon my goals for the year I am feeling really excited about it. This year, I plan to focus on developing good habits such as being grateful, writing daily, and keeping in touch with my parents. I also want to prioritize my health by exercising daily and eating healthy food only when hungry, not when it’s 8 AM or 8 PM. To have more time for myself and my hobbies I aim to set my sleep schedule to 10 PM  to 5 AM (#The5AMClub), even on weekends. At work as an employee, I plan to be more organized, systematic and socialize with my colleagues, and promote local products. And, set realistic goals, give credit where it’s due, and read one job-related book every month. In my free time, I will practice playing flute, contribute to open-source projects, and upgrade my websites to make them more fun. To continue writing more I want to continue learning and sharing my experiences by writing blogs about my living and work experience in the USA, learning about the K-12 education space, and publishing an eBook titled Pasal 2.0.

Here’s an unordered list of things I want to do this year:

• Practice Gratitude
• Write 30 minutes every day.
• Call Mom and Dad every day.
• Plan a day’s priorities the previous night.
• Exercise daily
• Nature’s call. Don’t eat because it’s time to eat, eat because your stomach calls for it.
• Wake up at 5 AM, on weekends, or on days off. Doesn’t matter. #The5AMClub

• Spend time with family
• Keep in touch with those who care
• 10-5/10-5 #WorkSleepBalance
• Learn more about time management.

Work at Hamro Patro:
• Take a systematic approach
• Own the products and ideas
• Socialize more with co-workers
• Network as I used to 10 years ago
• Promote and support local products
• Set realistic goals for projects
• Give credit where it’s due.
• Read 1 book every month related to the job.

Hobbies/Side Projects:
• Practice flute.
• Contribute to an open-source project website upgrade to an enjoyable game.
• Promote and reach out to potential customers.
• Learn more about NEPSE

• Write blogs about my 3 years of living and work experience in the USA.
• Learn about K-12 Education space.
• Publish an eBook Pasal 2.0

Thanks for reading this far.
Happy New Year.

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Happy New Year 2080


  • Nirmal says:

    Very nice plan. I dont want to put question mark about targets. I am always with you to support whatever I can. Whenever you want. Not because you need, it is because you deserve it.

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