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My feelings on Crypto ban in Nepal by NRB

Bitcoin is amazing. NFTs are the coolest. The crypto space is booming. Blockchain and Web3 are changing the ways people operate. Being a developer myself I was investing my spare time learning to build development skills in blockchain technology. However, since I am in Kathmandu there is a voice inside my head that repels me at times and suggests what if NRB finds out about my involvement in blockchain and warrants legal action. This repeated fear has made me reluctant to question my time investment in learning and exploring blockchain tech from Nepal. Not only me I have seen a few other close friends who share the same experience.

A question I wanted to ask people in web3 and blockchain space in Nepal do you feel the same? Does the crypto ban by NRB restricts one to dive into blockchain R&D work as a developer from Nepal? Is earning from educational and programming activities related to blockchain technology also considered a ban? Input appreciated.

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My feelings on Crypto ban in Nepal by NRB

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