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नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई छोटो मीठो सल्लाह

Quick SEO tip for Nepali (Unicode) Bloggers

Here goes, one quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip for Nepali Bloggers who use to publish their content written in Nepali Unicode.

What I’m talking about ?

Say: your blog post title is “मेरो नेपाल”
You publish it. Now blogger gives you one random “url/permalink” to your post which looks something like – Why that happens is because service is not made in Nepal. Now forget that reasoning since that does makes no sense.

Such permalinks suck from SEO perspective, ain’t it ? Blogger left no option to provide an equivalent English permalink/url for our Nepali Unicode blog article.

If the post had English/roman title like : Mero Nepal
Permalink would have been:

Do you see problem here ? Yes that’s what I am talking about. Now question is, what if we could provide a meaningful url to our Nepali Unicode post keeping the Unicode title as is ? Obviously, our content would be more search engines friendly.

Solution ?

Solution is so simple that even our grandmother would follow it. Let me describe that in steps.

Step 1:

Write your article in Nepali Unicode.

Step 2:

Give your post a equivalent roman or english title.
eg. instead of using “मेरो नेपाल” in blog title use “Mero Nepal” or “My Nepal”

Step 3:

Publish your blog post.
that gives us a readable URL in English or roman.

Step 4:

Now edit your blog post’s title – change it back to Nepali Unicode version.
use “मेरो नेपाल”  in title of the article now.

Step 5:

Re-publish the edited post.

Step 6:

Enjoy ! Let Google take care of the rest.


Search engines give more priority to the permalink/URL of the post. It makes sense to have a more meaningful, human readable URL to our blog post. It helps our reader to find our content via search engines.

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नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई छोटो मीठो सल्लाह

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