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🚀 Reviews

Here are select work reviews and recommendations from my clients, colleagues and friends with whom I’ve worked on varieties of projects over the past 15+ years.

I hired Bhupal Sapkota to design and develop our website’s complex merchant system,
requiring numerous payment options with several commodity types, for my XAT testing project
on a custom PHP and mySQL platform. Bhupal’s proficiency with his design & programming
skills, and his ability to carefully listen and efficiently act on my company’s evolving needs,
has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. I recommend Bhupal highly for any project
that requires the very best in payment gateway integration execution.

Tom Urtis
CEO, Atlas Programming

I worked with Bhupal when he served as one of the leads of the Google Developer Group in Kathmandu.
Bhupal did a fantastic job of mobilizing hundreds of grassroots software developer volunteers
throughout the country, to work together with Google on improving the technology capacity of Nepal.

Divon Lan
Frontier, Markets

Bhupal and I worked together to bring a new features in our Android App. Everyday tens and thousands
of people use the features he developed with no issue. I found Bhupal extremely professional, dedicated,
and expert in android development. He brought lots of new ideas into the table. I was impressed with his quality of work.

Bhupal is fun loving person. I enjoy working with him. He carries my highest recommendation.

Shankar Uprety
Founder/CEO, Hamro Patro

I worked with Bhupal in two projects. For the 1st time Bhupal worked for my organization
while we were supporting to National Information Commission by making their website.
being satisfied with the work, I worked second time with Bhupal to reconstruct our
website Mr. Sapkota is very dedicated on his work and punctual to
complete his responsibility. He is very dynamic and innovative. I strongly recommend
him for any professional work within his working area.

Tanka Aryal
Executive Director
Citizens’ Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI)

Bhupal and I worked together while I was working at Semicolon Developers. He has hands on
experience and broad knowledge in web and android technologies. He has successfully delivered
numerous web based and android projects. Besides these, he has strong leadership capacity.
He was founder of Semicolon Developers where he led a team of highly skilled software developers.
He is really friendly and a team player.

Prashant Gyawali
Software Engineer
General Motors

Bhupal is quite hard working and fast learner.In short time he has grown quite fast in technical field.
He has sound technical knowledge and Real time Problem solving capabities. He also have capability to
learn and develop new technological skills. He is friendly and committed person at his work.

Puspa Joshi
Sr. Project Manager
EBPearls Pty Ltd

It makes me happy to write about Bhupal Sapkota who has been working as an IT consultant at TheatreHub.

He designed and developed the android application and web portal for TheatreHub.
His passion and dedication in IT makes his works full of innovative features yet practical.
He is very sincere in his works and innovative in his design.
I wish him all the best in his career ahead.

Dev Neupane
Co-founder, TheatreHub

Bhupal is a very energetic person with an attitude to give back to the community. He loves to tinker
with hardware and write codes. I have worked with him for five years as founding member of Robotics
Association of Nepal and Google Developers Group. Together we have organized various community based
events to encourage and inspire youths in engineering and IT field. He is a good leader and knows how to
get things done. He runs his own company called Semicolon Developers. Obaghchal is one of the best mobile
game app that he developed that revived the Nepali traditional board game. I highly appreciate his
initiative of creating a local play store called Apps Jhola that solves the problem of local
app developer to have their apps on play store.

I am always inspired by his dedication and detailed work.

Sunoj Shrestha
President, Robotics Association of Nepal

Bhupal Sapkota was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Semicolon Developers
Network. Working with Bhupal, I found him as a person with great knowledge and deep background of IT
solutions. Bhupal is a brilliant, customer-service oriented, always punctual and very good natural born leader.
Wise, result driven and creative person – his ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of change requests
made the project a dream. Energetic developer. He denotes natural ability to manage people. If you ever
need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Bhupal is your man!

Tek Nath Pokharel
Software Engineer
Rexel USA

Bhupal is someone with vision, positive can-do attitude.He has an excellent mix of hands-on technical skills
along with strong management and communication skills.

Nawaraj Thakuri
Data Integration Engineer
Avionte Staffing Software

I have worked with many but the person i do respect and believe that he has the gut to do the best
and with consistent is Bhupal Sapkota. He is creative , positive thinking , realistic , enthusiastic
and a master mind person. I have worked with him since 2 yrs and have pleasure with working with him.
I highly recommend him for any work related and i know he is the best of the best.

Prabhat Man Shrestha
Co-founder & CEO
Knockout System Pvt. Ltd.

I worked with Bhupal as a Software Quality Assurance Consultant at Semicolon Developers Network
and was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses. He is multi-skilled expert with
an ability to analyze and solve problems in elegant and cost-effective way.

Sovita Dahal
Software Quality Analyst
TekVorkex Pvt. Ltd.

Bhupal, founder of Semicolon Developers Network, and I worked together for a year in Semicolon Developers
Network in late 2010. He was already an expert of cutting edge IT and Software development technologies in
those days.I am very much inspired by his technical expertise and result oriented attitude.
His dedication to the work plan, technical as well as managerial skills, and ability to adopt newer
technologies quickly, i believe, has established him as both entrepreneur and IT geek.

Bimal Sharma
Fullstack Developer
Vastika Inc

I got chance to work with Bhupal in few projects and I found him as a crazy and awesome developer.
You are born to code bro 🙂 and you are the one I always want to work with. Cheers!!!

Subodh Maharjan
Freelance Designer
Sydney, Australia

Bhupal is detail-oriented, focused programmer, who knows how to get his job done in any circumstances. Have a great time.

Sudhir Bastakoti
Web Developer

I’ve known Bhupal not only from my Professional life but we were friends since our college days.
While working with him in his firm, i got to know more about him and his outstanding knowledge in
programming methodologies and skills. He is a good mentor, tutor, a programmer with great dedications
and on top of that he is a cool person to hangout with.

Bhupal has proved himself as a successful community manager in the regional Google Developer’s
Group (Kathmandu) and organised different events.

Working as a developer with Bhupal is one of my great experiences and I
wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

Niroj Sapkota
Ruby Developer
Sydney, Australia

Bhupal is a hardworking, creative and result oriented professional. He has developed a hand-full of
online software application for me since his early days at Semicolon. I found his works always
excellent and on time. He has been my go to person and consultant for IT services and solutions
for a long time. I highly recommend Bhupal for mobile and web software development.

Kusum Gyawali
Mechanical Designer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada