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Run php script as daemon process with Systemd (AWS EC2)

To run PHP script as a  daemon service under Linux using Systemd do as below. Best way to make a shell script daemon? With new systemd you can create a service. You must create a file or a symlink in /etc/systemd/system/, eg. myservice.service and place content like this one, myservice will be the name of […]

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जिन्दगीमायो मान्छे ठिक कि त्यो ठिक भनेरमान्छे खुट्याउन न अल्झेरकुरो के ठिक तसोच्ने भनेकठिन अबस्थामा पनी निर्णयहरु सहज बनी दिन्छन l

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PyroCMS Themes, Widgets and Modules – for reference.

Themes : PyroCMS v1.3.2 Theming Guide for beginners: PyroCMS Tag Cheat Sheet Widgets PyroCMS v1.3.2 Widget creation guide for beginners Modules: Hello World Module Old 0.9.9.x Forum module upgraded to v1.3.2 PyroCMS v1.3.2 & v0.9.9.7 Module Creation guide for beginners:

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म कोठामा झूल टाँगेर आफूलाई प्रकृतिबाट बाँधेर नसुतेको भए आजसम्म ब्रमान्डका तारा गनेर भ्याउथेँ !

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