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PHP Short Tag : Avoid Them

PHP Short Tag:  it  look like this: <?   ?> <?= $var ?> obvious ones: <?php  ?> <?php echo $var ?>. I downloaded an open source php script, thinking to work it out for my own purpose – but what sucks is – the project uses short tag that my host doesn’t *seems* to provide support […]

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WordPress Themes / Templates – Useful Codes

Here are few fairly basic but handy wordpress codes that a wordpress theme or template developer/designers could use as reference. i personally use these a lot while working with wordpress.   WordPress Site Name: <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>   WordPress Site Description: <?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>   Wordopress: Home Page Link: <a href="<?php get_option(‘home’); ?>">Home</a></p> or <a […]

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Hello World – PyroCMS Module

/*———————————————————————————————Update 10/16/2011: This tutorial has been here for older version (< 1.0.x) of PyroCMS. Latest Stable PyroCMS release is v1.3.2Please download and use following tutorial files which are for PyroCMS 1.3.2: PyroCMS Hello World Module tutorial pdf for v1.3.2Download Sample Hello World Module PyroCMS 1.3.2 Pyro docs have been significantly improved over the year. You […]

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Nepal In – PHP Arrays

What is Nepal in PHP Arrays – Project ?   Are you a PHP developer in Nepal ? or do you use MySQL in your projects. How many of you have easier access to the places & cities of Nepal in simpler arrays, that can be taken for reference and used. I am currently involved […]

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CodeIgniter Helpers – How to write your own?

Find yourself again and again doing CI or are you just getting started in to your next big project ? Get this book by Rob Foster. This is an easy-to-follow guide consisting of a number of projects that enable you to develop full-featured applications at a fast pace. CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints What is here:         […]

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Hello World – CodeIgniter Model – A Simple Bookmark Manager

Continued from Hello World – CodeIgniter! I’ve been a bit busy with my development works. Talking about codeigniter,i will discuss today on how we can use it to access MySql database, insert data into tables, retrieve and display them, at times delete them. We’ll create a very simple Bookmark Manager App (just for the sake […]

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Social Network Database Design Sample – MySQL

what?—— sample database for a social network project – a mysql database schema Database Engine: InnoDB (edit the mwb file if you need to change it to MyISAM or any other.) the aspects of a social network i tried to cover in this database:– user profile – friends– friends list – status updates– thumbs up/down […]

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Hello World – CodeIgniter!

So you decided to learn CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework. I am too starting with it and planning to post a series of introductory tutorials on it. Here i go with – Hello World example in CodeIgniter. Install Code Igniter Download CodeIgniter copy form the above site. The version i am using is 1.7.2I assume […]

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