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The nature of disruption

An idea is an experience. The experiences and their sum is what makes a life worth reverberating the universe. The great ideas of the world are thousands or God knows even millions of years old. Ideas are same. They haven’t changed much. Ideas aren’t created. Ideas aren’t invented. Ideas aren’t good. Ideas aren’t bad either. Neither they disrupt. They are discovered, they are experienced and they are the reasons. Not the results.

Go take a task and imagine what a world would look like in coming 20 years. Not much has changed in past 20 years except for the conversations. The rate of physical development isn’t that incredible. But imagination of people, it has already reached the edge of the world and seen the beginning and the end of time.

That clues that this world is lead by a thought, is a thought, well thought. An idea. An imagination. A few hundreds characters or can be just a single word. A color speaks an idea. A small noise has a meaning. Even a semicolon gives someone a reason. That thought is like a small light of candle coming from a old house at high villages of Tumlingtar. That light that you can see from tens of kilometers away. That light that drags you towards it. That guides. That keeps you moving up the road, towards itself.

Each idea and in turn each life behind is a meaning. Living to change the world is one way to live. Living to understand the world is another. Living to eat good healthy food, another. Living to have fun another. Living to die is called depression, there are labels and as such as others there are professions. These experiences are the generators of those ideas, cumulatively inspiring and leading the world towards innovation.

Start by solving problems or start by creating a problem, it’s a choice to make. The problem is an idea. The solution is also an idea. There are goals, ideas as well. The more in sync the choices at the beginning are to the goals set, the better and the successful the journey becomes.

The sync comes from thoughts. Thoughts run. Thoughts float.
Shut down your noise producing device. Activate your input devices.
Keep calm. Look at the sky. Listen to the nature and let the thoughts settle.
Let the ideas flow. Let them first gain the speed of the universe.

There are the discoveries.

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The nature of disruption

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