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timi nabhaye jindagani kada sari chha

timra nayen,
susta susta,
ma maa parun.
timra sara,
dukhaka aasu,
bistarei bistarei,
mero kaadh ma,
timra sukhaka,
sustari sustari,
ma maa sarun,
bistarei bistarei,
hamro saathko,
halla garun.
jindagi k chha ra,
timi chhau,
ra ta ma 6u,
timi nabhaye,
jindagani kada sari6,
feri pani mero kunei gunaso chhaina…

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timi nabhaye jindagani kada sari chha


  • wawa nasha maaa babaal furdo rahecha sir laai

  • Unknown says:

    हाहा .. sudh33r सर नशा मा फुर्ने कुरो, नशा उत्रे पछी सम्झेर लेख्ने गरेको .. कुनै दिन संगै बसेर फुराउनु पर्छ है त .. नशा मा

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