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Why I became skeptical about Google in Nepal

I worked with Google for more than 5 years when I was leading Google Developers Communities in Nepal and I had a huge respect for the company. But recently, I have become skeptical about Google and its intentions when it shut down its Google Input IME tool for Microsoft Windows (the software isn’t available for download anymore). The Google Input Tools is currently available for the Web, as Chrome Extension, and on Android devices only.

I think the tool supported many languages including Nepali romanized and traditional layouts but Google didn’t like supporting the tool on Microsoft devices. Sadly, the world’s top companies are against war with one another and it’s regular people like us who are losing access to technology.

If anyone at Google cares about the Nepali language, Nepali people, and people who use many other languages that relied on this technology please bring it back. It’s not about Microsoft or Google devices, good technology always wins people’s hearts no matter where it’s installed.

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Why I became skeptical about Google in Nepal

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