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What is worth remembering ?

I used to remember that life changed when perspective changed. But, perspectives are the results not the reasons, perspective is our impression, interpretation, shaped by what we choose to remember. It might not exist.

Every moment, every moment is alive, life is in the things that you observe, life is in the people you love. Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. That’s what it means to be alive. But then they (people) aren’t actually against you; they are for themselves. Things aren’t against you; they are for themselves. You can choose to be there where you are loved and celebrated not tolerated. It’s easier to make choices and to go beyond limitations by acknowledging them, by forgiving.

After a choice is made what happens is an experience. Experience is a n-dimensional interpretation of a moment most of the time. We then try to remember a fraction of the interpretation. Like artists paint the moment. Like musician sing the pain. Like authors create a romance. Like lovers love. Like chefs cook. Like kids laugh.

Given the moment what’s worth experiencing ? What is worth interpreting ? What is worth remembering ? Why remember at all ? It’s not the question its the answer. Why not decide not to make a choice ? But then there is a choice that is made. Why, may be we forgot !

Its easy to remember to wake up in the morning but not to remember why ? That’s the reason Sun rises every morning to remind us that every day we could choose to create new memories for a life ahead. Make a choice to remember what you want to have in life or try not to forgot to laugh like a kid. Remember that memories shape us. It certainly has.

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What is worth remembering ?

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