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Why do I write ?

Actually, I don’t.

I don’t write that much that a whole post dedicated to why I write would make any sense. But, the thing that pushes me to write once in a while is I like writing. I like writing because – I like sharing. I got to learn a lot by reading books, manuals, articles, and blogs written by others – It is a kind of gentle reminder to myself that – I might too have something that others could find useful.

From the day my writing got reviewed by our class teacher Heramba sir back in school (he praised the way I wrote an essay about the status of women in our society), the meaning of writing for me has always been shared. Yes, write and do it to share. I don’t write to throw it away, tear out the paper, or burn it down into ashes. It is more like I write to share what I have learned.

When we read, it means we want to learn something more. Yes, the more thing here suggests that we already know something. Many times, that something shared somewhere makes a lot of sense to wanderers like me. When we are stuck in tough situations in our job/work/life and couldn’t figure out ways to sort them out – I think a good place to search for references would be to query around the internet. Who knows, someone from somewhere might have gone through a similar situation and could have left a small bit of a memo laying out there on how to face that particular situation. What a relief!

Back in my college days, I wrote/copied a lot of short paragraphs I liked from books, novels, and magazines then broke them down by phrases readable in one go, I wrote them all in Nepali, in a paper, and called them Manasha. I love writing on paper and with a black ink pen. I feel more fluent writing random kinds of stuff that way. Those Manashas are now live on my website. Actually, I wrote them to remind myself not to forget Nepali writing. It was clear to us by then that – we will never get back to studying/writing in Nepali after completing our High School unless we studied Arts or similar undergraduate courses. That was a good motivation – I wrote so that I won’t forget to write. (In our own language i.e Nepali.)

I once asked my physics professor Y.P.D sir a question. “You know everything from atomic structures to how rockets work still you said you are going to study further ? ”. Professor said, “Bhupal, I know nothing. There are a lot more things to be learned. Yet undiscovered.” I was in shock for two days because of his answer. With that question, I was not raising concern about whether the professor would continue further education or not – but I was wondering “what the heck I learned till that day ? Was it worth all effort as compared to our professor ? ” For a day or two, yes I went clueless. But, when my elder brother shared a profound thought another day, “Everyone’s experience matters in life !”, I was kind of relieved. I started to look back on my life and my experiences with a different perspective. Not much interesting to say here but it was not that bad – a carefree guy, a passionate learner, and a wannabe Computer Engineer of those days. Yes, I continued to be what I wanted to be.

When we write, the “something” we already know pours down. If nicely put, could become a nice article that could guide another beginner who yet doesn’t understand that “something”  which we have known for a while. This is why I like writing. I like writing because I want to share what I know. It may or may not be useful but that is another story.

It’s not a big deal. Whether you’re writing to an audience of one, five, a thousand, a million, or ten million, there’s really only one way to really connect. One way that actually works is: Write from the heart.

I don’t have a reference to where I noted down those lines but it is nicely put and whenever I read it, it kind of encourages me to write more.

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Why do I write ?

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